Sankom Swiss Top Products for women and men

SANKOM is a company that specializes in the development of health and weight-loss programs. It was created in 2003 in Switzerland. Sankom has a daughter companies offices in 5 continents and successfully distributed its innovative patented products to over 95 countries worldwide and it provides unique collections suitable for both women and men including:

  • Anti-virus masks
  • Bras
  • Tops
  • ShapeWear
  • Tights
  • Socks
  • ActiveWear

Sankom’s Anti-virus masks

Given the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, we are going through, it looks like we’re going to wear cloth face masks for a while. So that’s all the more reason to find the one you like. Therefore, Sankom offers a full unique collection of Anti-virus masks in a variety of sizes and colors. Our face masks are feature:

  • Unique anti-viral properties that kill viruses and bacteria on a molecular level.
  • It has been proven to filter out over 99 percent of particles using its innovative Nano Filtration Membrane.
  • The mask is ultra-light and breathable and, ideal for hot weather.
  • It is suitable for both adults and children, as it has a nose clip and adjustable ear loops.

Sankom’s Shapewear

Create an hourglass figure beneath your favorite dress with our outstanding shapewear collection.

Sankom patent Shapers works on enhancing the figure, lifting the butt cheeks, as well as flattening the abdominal area. Also, it works on highlighting the waist and smoothing the thighs. Hence, most importantly it makes you feel comfortable, breathable, and stable. 

 Sankom Bras

Raise your hand if you’ve fallen victim to wearing the same bra every day since it’s the only one that actually fits. We’ve all been there, but once you find the right bra brand that fits perfectly, you’ll never have to worry about bras again.

Why sankom bras? 

  • Providing excellent coverage and, support
  • Help in reducing back pain and, neck tension
  • Improving posture 

Sankom Tights


Having the perfect pair of tights becomes quite important because how well they complement your outfit determines a large part of your overall appearance. Sankom tights have innovative features, a silky material, as well as, a well-crafted design that result in:

  • Provides support for your back all day long
  • Tummy control
  • Butt lift
  • Hourglass figure look
  • It is considered a Class 1 medical device

Sankom‘s Socks

Discover the world’s most comfortable compression socks! You may wear the Sankom Patent Socks all day, whenever your legs feel heavy, puffy, or fatigued, thanks to tailored anatomical compression and padded non-restrictive soft heels and toes. Material that breathes well, making it ideal for lengthy days, sedentary activities such as driving and working in an office, travel, and workouts.

Sankom socks improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and promote relaxation. They also help prevent varicose veins,as well as revitalize the legs and most importantly, they are hypoallergenic.

Top Products
Digital Glass Scale

GS 44 Digital Glass Scale 10.20KWD

Digital Glass Scale

PS 07 Digital Glass Scale 7.20KWD

GS 40 Magic Scale

GS 40 Magic Scale 15.60KWD

PROMED neck and back heating pad, grey NRP 2.4,

PROMED neck and back heating pad, grey NRP 2.4, 24.90KWD


Beurer Pulse Oximeter Xl Colour Display Po 80 72.00KWD

Body Fat Scale

Digital Body Fat Scale F48 11.00KWD

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