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PM 90 Heart Rate Monitor

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The heart rate monitor is the perfect companion for all outdoor activities. Whether it’s during mountaineering, hiking or Nordic walking, the heart rate monitor displays your current altitude, metres in altitude climbed and number of descents. It is also waterproof to 50 m and is therefore also suitable for swimming.

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PM 90 Heart Rate Monitor

Measuring your heart rate during exercise can help you ensure that you’re pushing your body to the right level to improve your fitness. Not only the PM 90 Heart Rate Monitor tells you about your exact heart rate measurement, it also shows your average and maximum heart rate levels during each workout.

Targeted heart rate training is a great way to optimise your workout; whether you’re looking to burn maximum calories for weight loss or preparing for an endurance event, there is a training zone to suit you! With Beurer’s PM90 Digital Heart Rate Monitor you can be confident you’re working at the right pace for your fitness level and goals.

PM 90 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Current altitude, metres in altitude climbed, number of descents, etc.
  • With interference-free, digital transmission
  • With accurate ECG heart rate measurement
  • It has an Individual training range and alarm
  • Both average and max heart rate
  • Calorie consumption (kcal), fat burn (g/oz)
  • Fitness test
  • Calculation of basal/active metabolic rate (kcal)
  • Automatic training zone suggestion
  • Date, time, stopwatch, alarm
  • Lap times (50)
  • With PC interface and data cable
  • EASY FIT software available to download for planning and monitoring training and for weight management
  • It has an illuminated display
  • It has an Storage box as well as bicycle mounting bracket
  • Waterproof to 50 m (suitable for swimming, underwater pulse measurement not guaranteed)
  • It has a digital chest strap with flexible tension belt

Specification: PM 90 Heart Rate Monitor

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