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HA 50 Hearing Aid

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The hearing amplifier is particularly discreet. It is barely visible due to the ergonomic fit behind the ear. The rendering is low noise. The volume of noises indoors and outdoors is amplified and therefore aids people with restricted hearing ability.

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  • Very discreet
  • Extended frequency range
  • Individual adjustment to the ear canal
  • Ideal for restricted hearing ability
  • Ergonomic fit behind the ear, barely visible
  • Amplifies the volume of all sounds indoors and outdoors
  • Low-noise rendering
  • 3 attachments to individually adjust to the ear canal
  • Frequency range: 100 to 6000 Hz
  • Amplification: max. 40 dB
  • Volume: max. 128 dB
  • Medical device
HA 50 Hearing Aid
HA 50 Hearing Aid


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