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Flaem Nuova Areolae Nebulizer

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Technical features of nebulization

Dual speed nebulizer

Speed selector



Delivery ml/min (1)



MMAD (2) μm



Respirable fraction < 5µm (2)



Maximum fill volume (1)

8 ml

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Flaem Nuova  Areolae Nebulizer

If you have asthma, your doctor may recommend a nebulizer or breathing medication as a treatment. However the gadget distributes the same medications as metered-dose inhalers, which are the pocket-sized inhalers you’re familiar with. So nebulizers may be more convenient to use than MDIs.  Thus, it could be more suitable  for children who aren’t yet old enough to use inhalers effectively or adults with severe asthma.

Aero Flaem is a fast and effective nebulizer system for seasonal use with built-in storage compartment, and equipped with the innovative “RF7 Dual Speed”. It is also a patented medical device suitable for professional for homeuse and specifically for mucus removal in people who have undergone tracheotomy

Flaem Nuova  Areolae Nebulizer Features:

  • Made in Italy
  • “RF7 Dual Speed” Nebulizer
  • Soft touch suitable for both children and adults
  • Compatible with Rhino Clear® nasal wash
  • Features a high quality air filter
  • It has a cable storage compartment
  • It has a convenient built-in storage compartment

Nuova Areolae Nebulizer

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Flaem Nuova Areolae Nebulizer
Flaem Nuova Areolae Nebulizer


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