Sankom Patent Size Charts

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SANKOM is a company that specializes in the creation of weight-loss and health-related programs. It was founded in Switzerland in 2003. Sankom has offices on five continents and has successfully marketed its creative patented items to over 95 countries worldwide, offering one-of-a-kind collections for ladies. The Sankom patent size charts below will help you decide the right size for our bras, shapewear, vest, and our tights 

Why Choose Sankom Products?

  • Swiss doctors have certified them as a Class 1 medical device, so you can rest assured that you’re doing the right thing for your body.
  • All of them are made of hypoallergenic, breathable materials that can be machine cleaned.

How to pick your match?

When it comes to deciding which one to choose, there are two factors to consider: size and style.

  • The bras don’t come in the standard 32B, 36F sizes that you’re used to. You must first choose your dress size and then compare it to the sizing chart. Small-Medium (8-12), M-L (14-18), and so on are some examples.  

If you’re in between sizes, it’s a matter of personal preference. Because my cup size is large, I move up a size, but it’s all up to you. If the label is still attached, the bras can be returned, so try on a few sizes!

  • Then you must decide on a style. We have a wide selection of beautiful hues, and some of them have a charming lace panel that may be worn on display under low-cut tops. We also have Aloe  Vera, bamboo, and cooling materials in our collection. Whether you are athletic, sit a lot for your job, work out, breastfeed, or have back problems, the shape wears are worth trying.

Sankom patent size charts below can help you determine your correct size for Sankom products 

Sankom Bras 

It’s hard to measure the discomfort of wearing a regular bra. Back and shoulder pain, stiffness, and bad posture are just a few of the undesirable consequences of these causes. Allow SANKOM to save you from these problems with their groundbreaking Patent Bra, which is both comfortable and attractive because of its laced-up construction. This bra is the first of its kind, combining medicinal and aesthetic benefits by pressing the shoulders backward and supporting the breasts with their weight. Its one-of-a-kind innovative structure helps to improve body posture and avoid back and shoulder problems. It is a class 1 medical gadget that is also endorsed by Swiss doctors.

Sankom Patent Size Charts

Sankom Vests

Sankom is the world’s first vest with lace bra that uses the natural weight of the breasts to pull the shoulders back and straighten the back, providing back muscle relief and less back pain while also providing a stunning form and push-up effect. The fabric is made up of 88% nylon and 12% spandex.
Sankom Patent Size

 Women Shapers

With our incredible shapewear collection, you can create an hourglass figure beneath your favorite dress.

Sankom’s patent Shapers improves the figure by raising the butt cheeks and flattening the abdominal area. It also helps to define the waist and smooth out the thighs. As a result, it makes you feel more comfortable, breathable, and stable.

 Women Shapers size



Having the right pair of tights becomes crucial because how well they complement your outfit defines a major portion of your entire appearance. Sankom tights include unique properties, such as a silky material and a well-crafted style, which results in:

  •  It is considered a Class 1 medical device
  • Hourglass figure look
  • Provides support for your back all day long
  • Butt lift
  • Tummy control




Sankom Patent Size Charts

Sa7atek offers you a full collection of Sankom patent wear in a variety of shapes, colors, and fabrics. check out our collection! 

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