Are You Sure You’ve Found The Perfect Bra for You?

Is it difficult to find a bra that is both comfortable and well-fitting?. Since there are so many different bra sizes, styles, and features to consider. It’s no surprise that many women struggle with bra purchasing. Furthermore, since they can be expensive. You have to make sure to get the one that makes you feel good, look well, and lasts longer. In this blog, we’ll provide you with some tips on what to look for when shopping for a bra.

How to Measure Your Bra Size?

  • Begin by measuring your size at home or with the help of a store consultant. Even so, you should try on a few different sizes to see which one fits and feels the best.
  •  If the fit isn’t quite right, try going up and down a few bands and cup sizes. 
  • You’ll need two measurements to measure at home: around your back and under your bust for your band size, and around your back over your nipples for your cup size. 
  • The difference will then be subtracted. For example, if your bust is  88.9cm and your under-bust (or rib cage) is 81.28cm, you are a 32C because 35 minus 32 equals 3, which corresponds to the letter “C” in the alphabet.

How do I know if my bra fits properly?

There are 3 important fitting points to consider when deciding whether or not a bra is suitable for your breast size:

  • The Cups: Examine the point where the tops of your cups touch your body. The cups should conform to the shape of your breasts without spilling over.
  • The band: The middle gore of the bra should lie level against your breast bone; besides, it should not go too high or too low on your back.
  • The straps: straps should fit snugly around your shoulders without leaving indentations on your skin.

Let’s pick the best brand for you! 

What are the best bra brands?

In this paragraph, we will discuss the top brands for you to choose from. These brands are a perennial favorite among women around the world.

  1. La Perla

La Perla is a luxury Italian brand owned by Germany “Ada Masotti” which started in 1954. Here you will find the glamor of sensual and alluring elegant designs uniquely crafted for every body type and shape.

      2. Wonderbra

A Canadian-rooted brand with a huge range of push-up and wireless bras. Wonderbra launched in the USA in 1935 and since then it has been serving women worldwide with grace and sophistication.

  1. Victorias Secret

There is no denying that the world’s leading brand of bras is Victoria’s Secret. An indispensable shopping destination for women with the largest selection of the sexiest bras, Roy Raymond founded this world-dominant brand on June 12, 1977.

  1. Agent Provocateur

Do you want to see how the elements of elegance, sensuality, seduction, and grace work together? Take a look at Provocateur’s designs, which combine the aforementioned attributes to create an incomparable mixture that sets it apart from other bra companies.

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