Solidea – Silver Wave Strong

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Try Solidea’s special wave fabric: its micromassage reactivates your circulation, shapes your body and helps eliminate fluids.
The special wave fabric boosts and enhances your beauty treatments.
Ideal for practicing sports: improves your performance and helps not to waste energy.




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Soft and elegant Bermuda shorts made of three-dimensional wave fabric that generates a deep and delicate micromassage on the skin with natural body movements. A micro-massaging fabric that fights the orange-peel appearance (cellulite) smoothing skin and shaping the tummy, hips and thighs. Made of a special yarn that, thanks to the bacteriostatic action of the silver ions, keeps the biological balance of the bacterial flora and allows the natural skin transpiration, preventing the onset of unpleasant smells. The active micromassage by the fabric generates light furrows on the skin. This a sign that the draining effect is efficient. This furrows disappear in a few hours leaving the skin smooth. Hygienic cotton gusset and flat seam.
There are no known contraindications regarding the use of this medical device, if properly used according to the relative instructions. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the components shown on the package.

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اللون Cream, Smoke, Beige, Black
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Silver Wave

Fabric texture with patented three-dimensional waves. This patented high technology special wave fabric exerts an effective micromassage on the skin thanks to natural body movements. This stimulates cutaneous capillary circulation impaired by cellulite, preventing swelling (edemas) of the legs and favoring elimination of excess liquids. SILVER WAVE panties constitute a specific treatment to fight cellulite and water retention. Effectiveness and results are increased when they are worn during physical activity. SILVER WAVE line comes in various lengths to meet the needs of all women’s legs. Clinical tests have demonstrated the effects from wearing SILVER WAVE panties, confirming quick results in terms of tissue tone and reduction of the “orange peel” effect.
SILVER WAVE products are totally hygienic. SOLIDEA guarantees these characteristics with its customized BACTERIOSTATIC that ensures the exceptional hygiene offered by its products, SILVER WAVE products, thanks to this characteristic, can be worn as undergarments all day long.
Silver ions are permanently present in the fabric used in SOLIDEA SILVER WAVE products, maintaining long-term bacteriostatic characteristics. SOLIDEA SILVER WAVE products maintain bacterial flora at natural levels, preventing the onset of unpleasant odors.
BACTERIOSTAT C YARN An inorganic silver base bacteriostatic agent is inserted in the fibers and protected by a slow release system. This prevents bacteria from proliferating on fabrics. Silver ions perform their bacteriostatic function by preventing reproduction of pathogenic micro-organism (bacteria).
SILVER WAVE shorts combine effective micromassage functions with regenerating compression, stimulating cutaneous capillary circulation. The active micromassage by the fabric generates light furrows on the skin. This is a sign that the draining effect is efficient. These furrows disappear in a few hours, leaving the skin smooth and excess fluids free

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