Solidea – Miss Relax Micro Rete 70 sheer

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Prevention is increasingly important. With Solidea it is also easy and pleasant.
The most refined graduated compression in the world. Softness and style for your legs.
Discover the perfect fit of Solidea garments for total comfort and well-being.



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70 denier micro net knee-high stocking. 12/15 mmHg graduated compression is intended for medical purposes other than the prevention of pooling of blood in the legs and keeps them rested and in shape for all occasions. Ideal for a dynamic look and refined and original at the same time. The embroidered elastic band enhances the elegance and offers pleasing support without tightening. A great choice for frequent travelers, too.
There are no known contraindications regarding the use of this medical device, if properly used according to the relative instructions. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the components shown on the package.

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size M, L, S
اللون ivory, Moka, sand, Black


80% Polyamide
20% Elastane

Solidea – Miss Relax Micro Rete 70 sheer
Solidea – Miss Relax Micro Rete 70 sheer
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