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Promed Foot spa FB-100






  • Relaxing bubble and vibration massage
  • Soothing red light field
  • Water-warm function
  • 3 exchangeable pedicure attachments: a) callus remover, b) brush, c) massage kit
  • Massage rollers for foot reflexology massage
  • Massage supporting footbed
  • Dry massage function
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Comfortable size (suitable for shoe size 46)
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Our feet have to resist a lot of stress during the day and often suffer from footwear. This makes it even more important to regularly help your feet with something good. If the feet are treated well, this also affects the well-being of the rest of the body. Foot baths are a perfect solution for this! Especially if they combine massage and foot care as it does the Promed FB-100.

The Promed Foot Spa FB-100 is a foot bath to relieve tired and aching feet and to also aid in better circulation in the feet and legs. The bath maintains water temperature throughout the operation and has features that make it superior to other foot baths available. As well as the basic reflexology massage, the FB-100 has whirlpool and vibrational massage functions.

Wellbeing For The Whole Body Starting With The Feet.

Massage rollers are built into the bed of the bath and the unit can be used for reflexology massage without water. The unit also comes with 3 interchangeable pedicure attachments that can be used prior to, during or after using the foot bath.

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