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GS 208 Glass Scale


  • Extra large display
  • Digit size: 40 mm
  • Platform of safety glass
  • Flat construction
  • Change over to kg/lb/st
  • Maximum user weight 150kg
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Beurer Glass Scale

The Beurer Glass Scale helps you measure your body weight so that you can stay on top of your goals. With a sleek design and beautifully comfortable weighing platform. This modern design will be a top accessory with any and all bathroom suites.

Why Monitor Your Weight?

68% of adult Americans are either overweight or struggling with obesity. These conditions can lead to serious health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or coronary heart disease.

Measurement Change Over

This scales allows you to change over how you would like your weight measurement taken.

Weighing Surface

This scale features a large, and comfortable surface with a sleek looking finish to provide you with a modern design.

GS 208 Glass Scale
GS 208 Glass Scale


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