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BEURER Electronic Abdominal Stimulation Belt EM 30

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Whether you spend hours in the gym and want to speed up the process, or are simply looking for a way to tone your abdominal muscles quickly and effortlessly, the Beurer EM30 Abdominal Toning Belt can help you out. This easy-to-use device allows you to choose from five different programmes for a noticeable difference in a short time.

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Key Features of the EM30 Abdominal Toning Belt

  • Provides training and regeneration of abdominal muscles
  • Extremely flexible, ergonomic design with Velcro fastening
  • Suitable for people with waist sizes from 70cm to 130cm
  • Two wear-free contact electrodes made of conductive carbon material
  • Electrodes work with water contact, so no gel is required
  • LED display with figurative symbols
  • Offers five programmes (22 to 31 minutes)
  • Intensity is adjustable from 0 to 40
  • Features a countdown timer showing remaining time
  • Training memory function for continual training monitoring
  • Pause and safety switch-off functions for ease of mind
  • Removable operating controls for optimal convenience
  • Hand washable for better hygiene
  • Battery changing indicator for easy tracking of remaining power

Flexible Size and Non-Wearing Electrodes

The ergonomically designed belt is made from flexible materials and features adjustable Velcro fastening, which makes it suitable for users with waist sizes from 70cm to 130cm. Moreover, the electrodes are made from conductive carbon material and work with water, which means to contact gel or replacement electrodes are required.

How Does the Beurer Stomach Toning Belt Work?

The Beurer Stomach Toning Belt works by using EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) stimulating the core abdominal muscles through electrode pads on the skin helping to strengthen and tone core muscles quickly. The belt also has a training memory function that allows for continuous training control.

Technical Specifications

  • Output Voltage: 70V p-p for 500Ohm load
  • Output Current: 140mA p-p for 500Ohm load
  • Output Frequency: 30 – 80Hz
  • Pulse Width: 200 µs per phase
  • Pulse Form: Symmetrical, dual-phase square pulses

Please note that the device must not be used by users of cardiac pacemakers, epileptics, pregnant woman, or people with cardiac arrhythmia.

BEURER Electronic Abdominal Stimulation Belt EM 30
BEURER Electronic Abdominal Stimulation Belt EM 30


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